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Festival Information

Get tickets, find your way here, and be part of the fun

AUGUST 19 - 20, 2017, THERE WILL BE

Thunder In The Valley!

Saturday - 8/19

8:30pm - 10:30pm

Join us for a night of music and stories around the campfire.  Music will be provided by Merry-Go-Roundup, and stories around the campfire are presented by the folks behind The General Store, a popular weekly syndicated radio broadcast heard throughout Maine and the Northeast.


Sunday - 8/20

10:00am - 10:00pm

On Sunday we have the BIGGEST bluegrass competition known to the East Coast with 43 categories of competition and well over $13,000.00 in total  prize money awarded the same day!   Categories range from Best Bluegrass Band all the way to fun ones like the
Best Bob Dylan Tribute.

Storytime Music by Merry-go-Roundup

Merry-Go-Roundup is a Maine band that performs original and vintage western music.  They have performed at many venues, including East Madison Square Garden, Harry’s Hill, Coburn Park, Skowhegan, and the last 4 years on the Draft Horse Stage at the Fryeburg Fair.  The band was formed in 2012 by Annie & Andy, producers of the syndicated radio program ‘The General Store Variety Show’. Others in the band are Barbara Demo and Cheryl Seamans.

Merry-Go-Roundup plays live with two guitar players and four-part harmonies in the tradition of Sons of the Pioneers. We want people to hear and know these songs from America’s past as well as our original modern-day songs about making music and loving the land.  Their CD, “Songs for Horses” can be purchased through the website,

Purchase Tickets

Advance tickets are only $10 if purchased by 8/15/17

Tickets may be conveniently purchased here online by using the “Buy Now” link shown below.  You may pay by credit card or with PayPal using this method.

Or you may send us a check or money order to:
Bill Owens
2013 Channel Rd.
Pylesville, MD 21132

Admission at the gate is still only $15

We will be able to accept cash, certified checks, or money orders at the gate if you are not able to purchase your tickets in advance.  We will also be able to accept credit card payments at the gate for your convenience.

When using the PayPal link below to purchase your ticket(s) by credit card we ask that you:

Please print your PayPal email receipt to use as your official ticket at the gate.

Thank you!


Getting Here

Our festival takes place on Clark Rd. in Anson Maine.  Unfortunately many GPS devices do not locate our road properly and can’t be trusted to get you here accurately.  Please follow the written directions below for the best way to find our festival!   There will be major signage from all benchmark towns to our site.

From the South

GPS to: Madison, Maine

In Madison, follow  148 West (Main St.), go over the hill and across the Kennebec river.  When you cross the bridge you will be in Anson. Turn right at end of bridge (look for signs) turns into US rout 201A. Go apx 8 miles , then turn left onto rout 234 (also known as the Anson Valley road).  Go apx 12 miles and turn right on 4 Mile Square Road.  Follow signs to Clark road and festival site.

From the North

GPS to: Bingham, Maine

From Bingham ME. Take 201 to 201a in Solon ME. Approximately 34 miles to North Anson. Turn right on 234 (The Anson valley road).  Go apx 12 miles and turn right on 4 Mile Square Road.  Follow signs to Clark road and festival site.

From the WEST

GPS to: Farmington, Maine

Take North Route 27 for Approximately 23 miles.  Turn right onto rout 234 (the Anson valley road).  Go approximately 10 miles and turn left onto 4 Mile Square Road.  Follow signs to Clark Road and festival site.

General Information

  • Festival is rain or shine.
  • There is no fee to compete  you simply pay general admission.
  • Our competition is open to all amateur and semi-professional musicians.
  • All bands/ performers that are registered in the competition are welcome to sell their music related items for free such as tee shirts with their logo and personal CDs.

Festival Rules:

  1. No pets allowed, except service animals.
  2. No alcohol or drugs in stage area.
  3. Intoxicated persons shall be asked to leave.
  4. No physical altercations will be tolerated; both persons shall be asked to leave.
  5. No open fires.
  6. No firearms are permitted.
  7. No refunds.
  8. Say hello to folks you know and everyone you meet, and have a great time!  🙂

Competition Rules:

*Please note that the competition is only open to amateur and semi-professional musicians

  1. Acoustical instruments only, yes that means bass also.
  2. Contestants will be registered on a first come first serve basis.  There are limited slots, once filled, and registration will be closed.
  3. Each performer and or band will be judged by a panel of three judges.
  4. Moneys will be awarded at the close of competition on the same night.
  5. If you must leave before competition is completed and you have played your required set/sets, we will mail you your prize money.
  6. A band consists of 3 or more.
  7. Performers cannot play in other bands or groups, during the competition and once registered single performers cannot join with others. In other words “Dance with the one who brought Ya”.
  8. Each band, group or single performer will be asked to do two sets. The time for each set depends on the number of contestants. The least time for a set for a band would be 10 minutes x 2 and the longest set for a band would be no more than 15 minutes x2. A single performer will have 5 minutes x 2 and maximum of 7 minutes x 2.
  9. Points will be deducted for profanity
  10. Points will be deducted for running over your time limit.
  11. Any performer that is too intoxicated to perform will be disqualified.
  12. Registrations will be accepted on day of festival providing there are still slots open, and again it will be first come first serve.

14.  Have fun, learn new tricks and don’t feed the Gruffalo, and ahhh there is no rule number__ , well you know I can’t say the number, its bad luck.

Click the image here to view and/or download a one page flyer
that you can print for your own promotional use.

Brought to you by the heart of Billy’s Belly:
Bill, Rose, and Jasmine Owens

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