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Billy's Belly

A Bluegrass Music Festival and Competition

Aug 18, 2018

Festival Info

Get tickets, find your way here, and be part of the fun!


There is over $13,000 in prize money available


Thunder In The Valley!

Greetings friends of Billy's Belly and all you music lovers out there!  It’s time once again to feel that rumble, August 18 as the thunder returns to Anson Valley!

Saturday - 8/18

On Saturday starting at 10am there will be an "Art In The Woods" fair sponsored by the Wesserunsett Arts Council that will feature vendors, demonstrations, and a competition with prizes for best painting, best drawing, and best sculpture.  At noon WXNZ Radio is sponsoring a music competition with prizes for best performance by an individual, best group, and best original composition, followed by an open mic and media presentation.

Sunday - 8/19

We regret to inform all festival goers that the Sunday portion of Billy's Belly and the music competition has been cancelled due to emergency health concerns of our founder and organizer.

** Saturday's festivities with Art in the Woods and the WXNZ music competition are still on! 

 Face painting for the kids!

Advance tickets are only $10

Tickets can be purchased for only $10 for the Saturday event.  Camping overnight will not be allowed this year due to the cancellation of Sunday's festivities.

Children up to age 16 are admitted free.
Tickets may also be purchased at the gate for only $15.

We are the “Un-festival”

BillysBelly is the un-festival?  What do we mean by that? Well, most festivals are just for the audience, they know who is performing and everything is catered to them. This is ok if you just want a cookie cutter festival, but suppose you want something different. Suppose you want something more interesting!

Suppose you cook the same dinner every night, day after day, year after year. You cook it the same way every time. Then one day you accidently knock some spices off the shelf over the stove, maybe some saffron, turmeric, garlic, red pepper or even some basil.   WOW!   This is very different and very tasty; in fact your taste buds are dancing on your tongue.  That’s IT!!

That’s what Billy’s Belly is, its music for your senses.

What makes us different is that we are a Bluegrass music festival with the spice of competition thrown in.  It’s a festival that’s geared towards musicians, where talented artists can win some cash just for doing what they love.  And the audience gets to be dazzled by something new and exciting!

Brought to you by the heart of Billy’s Belly:
Bill, Rose, and Jasmine Owens

Play for fun, play to win, or both!

With over $13,000 in total prize money and 43 different categories to compete in, there is something for everybody.  The top Bluegrass Band prize is $5,000, second is $3,000, and third place gets $1,000, and there are dozens of other prize categories too. BillysBelly is like a summer camp for musicians, a place to network, learn hot licks, and gain stage experience if you are new. We are open to semi-professional and amateur musicians alike.




Bluegrass Band





Camping in the rough is FREE !

We are located in North Anson, Maine.  Wild rivers abound around the area and we are at the base of the Western Maine Mountains. The area consists of 150 acres with the festival area located amongst the tall pines.  Bring the whole family, children are free up to age 16.

Volunteer With Us

We rely on the help of our volunteers to make Billy’s Belly operate smoothly and stay fun for all!  Please consider becoming a volunteer with us by filling out the short form below and we will get back to you with more details.  Thanks!

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Bring your chairs and blankets and even a pick-a-nick basket BOO BOO!

We at Billy’s Belly have our social causes also.

A portion of every admission at the gate will be donated to the Maine Grain Alliance. A group of individuals in Somerset county dedicated to organically produced grains and to aid persons interested in getting started growing grains.

Learn more about the Maine Grain Alliance here

Featuring “Art In the Woods” for 2018.

This year we have added another partner to our family. The Wesserunsett Arts Council!

This council is a group of dynamic artists based in Somerset County Maine.  They are involved in multiple art shows, theater, sculpture and many other events all in the name of furthering art in the community.

The events on Saturday, August 18 will be for our friends at the Wesserunsett Arts Council as ticket sales will benefit their organization’s mission.


We aren’t just looking for musicians to come be a part of our festival, we are looking for sponsors who want to be a part of what we are doing as well.  Each prize category is open to be sponsored by any individual or organization that wishes to do so.  Sponsors will be featured and announced throughout the festival and can receive a sponsorship link on our website as well.

Please contact Bill Owens via phone: 410-456-2813 or email for more information and to become a Billy’s Belly sponsor!


So if you’re tired of the same ol’ same ol’ and want to spice things up, join us for some picking in the pines and great times!  We’d love to have you with us for days filled with adventures in music and nights under the stars.

Contact Us

If you have any questions please feel free to send us a message with the short form below.  Or head on over to the full contact page where you can submit us your band entry into the contest.  Thanks!

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